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iFoster was created to give power to the hundreds of thousands of caregivers scattered in every community across the country. Due to the privacy and security needs of our children, caregivers are disconnected from each other, and often times disconnected from the services and resources that are available to them. iFoster provides 100s of Resources through partnerships with 100s of Companies, Government Agencies and Non-Profits Nationwide. Free and Deeply Discounted Products and Services are available to meet the biggest needs of our Children and Youth. We also provide Rewards for the accomplishments of your children or youth, job opportunities for your youth, and we are always ready to help ensure you get the resources you and your children are eligible to receive.

The California Department of Social Services and FosterParentCollege.com (FPC) have entered into an agreement with the State of California to provide all CA resource parents with free access to FPC online training through their agency. FPC courses are self-paced and available to parents 24/7. These trauma-focused courses fit the vision of the Continuum Care Reform Collaborative, and provide insight and solutions for even the most challenging child behaviors and conditions. Courses cover specific behaviors, emotional disorders, or parenting strategies. FPC has been rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse as promising research with high relevance to child welfare for both pre-approval and annual in-service training. To gain access to these online courses, please click here

Changes for 2018 Affecting World of Children

It’s a new year with lots of changes affecting the world of caring for children in foster care. There are questions and confusion as the new CCR (Continuum of Care Reform) and RFA (Resource Family Approval) laws and policies are being initiated. In addition, there are still changes being made as they are rolled out.…

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California Victim Compensation

California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) Did you know every child in foster care is eligible for assistance from the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCB) for services? In the past, social workers would file a claim when a child was detained, but this is no longer the case. Every child who enters foster care is a…

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Sometimes – A Book For Foster Children

 SOMETIMES… This book was written for foster children and fost-adopt children, or for children who are not able stay in their home for one reason or another and need to be placed in a new home. Follow along with a timid foster child and a teddy bear as they learn about their new home. A transition like this can be…

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Donate Today

  Your donation helps the California State Foster Parent Association (CSFPA) support resource families/foster parents in California. The CSFPA offers scholarships for children to attend camps (Campership Scholarship) and for graduates to further their education (Haghenbeck Scholarship Award). It also offers ongoing training and support for those who provide ongoing, daily care for children in the…

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