"To Touch a Life Forever"


Representing All California Resource Families


You can join the CSFPA by becoming a member of your local chapter or you can join individually as an associate member.

Chapter Association Membership:

Below are the benefits chapter associations receive as members of the CSFPA.

NON PROFIT STATUS: When a foster parent/resource family association joins the CSFPA, they become an authorized ‘non-profit’ organization with the authority to give receipts to donors of funds or gifts for tax exemptions. The CSFPA Treasurer files the necessary forms to protect the ‘non-profit’ status. In order to maintain this status, the association must send requested financial information to the CSFPA Treasurer on a regular basis.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: The association has the ability to use the CSFPA liability insurance that covers local meetings and or functions.

ASSISTANCE/GUIDANCE: There are five regional Vice Presidents available to assist each chapter in his or her region should they need help organizing or have any issues or problems. There are regional meetings each chapter may participate in and bring concerns that you wish to be addressed at the state level. The chapter President becomes a voting member of the State board of directors that meets once a quarter in Sacramento.

Individual Membership:

If you are a member of your local chapter, you automatically become a member at the state level (your local chapter is responsible for submitting your membership information to the CSFPA Membership Chairperson).

MEMBERSHIP CARD: Each member is issued a CSFPA membership card. This membership entitles the holder to vote at the annual business meeting, and receive a discount rate when registering for the annual CSFPA training conference.

COMMITTEE ASSISTANCE: CSFPA members have access to the statewide chairpersons that will be available to help you when you need them. Below is a list of the current committees. (See Committee link for more information)

  • By-laws
  • Camperships
  • Scholarships
  • Legislation
  • Foster Parent Education
  • Minority Needs
  • Guardianships
  • Permanency Planning
  • Adoptions
  • Kinship
  • Latino Representative

QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER: Members receive the CSFPA newsletter quarterly with information relevant to providing foster care in California.

ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE: Members receive first notice of the annual CSFPA Training Conference held in different regions of the state.

COST: The cost of joining the CSFPA for subordinate chapters is an annual $50 registration fee in addition to $15 for each member of your association. For Affiliate Chapters, the annual registration fee is $25 in addition to $15 for each member of your association. An individual may join the CSFPA as an associate member at an annual cost of $25.

The California State Foster Parent Association has the expertise it takes to increase benefits for foster children and their caregivers. The State Association was instrumental in getting state funded training monies that are now dispensed, through the local Community Colleges, to train foster parents/resource families throughout the state. The CSFPA is constantly watching over, protecting and working toward maintaining these funds.

The CSFPA is well worth your membership dues. Foster Parents formed it for Foster Parents/Resource Families. The more members we have, the more we can do to support our goals.

See Chapters for your nearest CSFPA Chapter.