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California State Foster Parent Association Chapters and Regions:

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Region 2 (North Coastal)

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Region 5  (Southern)

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Stepping Stone Foster Parent Association Chapter 77 (Region 5) Region 4 (Valley) Region 5 (Southern)
Nor-Cal Foster and Adoptive Parents Association Tehama County Chapter 33 (Region 1) Region 1 (Northern)

Red Bluff, CA, 96080

Foster Parent Alliance of Marin County Chapter 50 Region 2 Region 2 (North Coastal)
Antelope Valley Resource Families Association Chapter 26, (Region 5) Region 5 (Southern)
Alamada County Foster Parent Association Chapter 1 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Gwen McWilliams
Email: gweny50@sbcglobal.net

Foster Family Network Contra Costa County Chapter 82 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Nancy Deweese
Website: www.cccfosterfamilynetwork.org
Email: nancydeweese@hotmail.com

El Dorado County Foster Parent Association Chapter 35 (Region 3) Region 3 (Central)

Contact: Rosemary Martins
Email: eldoradofpa@gmail.com
Website: https://eldoradofpa.wixsite.com/edcfpa

Foster-Kinship-Adoption Parent Association of Shasta County Chapter 20 (Region 1) Region 1 (Northern)
Foster, Adoptive, Kinship Parent Association of Fresno County Chapter 5 (Region 4) Region 4 (Valley)

Contact: Shirley Bobbitt
Email:  Bobbitt777@sbcglobal.net

High Desert Chapter 7 (Region 5) Region 5 (Southern)

Contact: Angie Zuniga

Inland Valley Foster Parent Association San Bernardino AFF Chapter 64 (Region 5) Region 5 (Southern)

Contact: Patricia Negus
Email: patnegus@msn.com

Merced County Foster Parent Association Chapter 57 (Region 3) Region 3 (Central)

Contact: Veronica Zavala
Email: espieespinoza@yahoo.com

Monterey County Association of Families Caring for Children Chapter 10 ( Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Susan Derichsweiler
Email: Sderichsweiler@hartnell.edu

Napa County Family Foster Care Association Chapter 75 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Carol Hamilton
Email: Chamilton53@att.net

New Directions of Humboldt County Chapter 107 (Region 1) Region 1 (Northern)

Contact: Melissa Norwood
Email: Missy_92@suddenlink.net

All About Kids Riverside County Chapter 100 (Region 5) Region 5 (Southern)

All About Kids
Contact: Wendy Manley
Email: Ditchi326@gmail.com

Foster Adoptive Parent Association of Placer County Chapter 70 (Region 3) Region 3 (Central)

Contact: Christina Padilla
Email: Thecfamily2010@yahoo.com

Sacramento County Resource Parent Association Chapter 13 (Region 3) Region 3 (Central)

Contact: Carrie Myles
Email: Carriemls53@gmail.com

San Francisco County Foster Parent Association Chapter 117 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Lorraine Hanks
Email: Lorrainehanks@yahoo.com

Making A Difference Association San Bernardino County Chapter 112 (Region 5) Region 5 (Southern)

Contact: Tammy De Hesa
Email: tdehesa@themadahouse.org

San Luis Obispo County Foster Parent Association Chapter 55 (Region 4) Region 4 (Valley)

Contact: Jay Mendelsohn
Email: Mark_judy@sbcglobal.net

Redwood Empire Foster Parent Association Sonoma County Chapter 21 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Joyce Hammerich
Email: President.refpa21@gmail.com

Foster Parent Association of Santa Barbara County Chapter 109 (Region 4) Region 4 (Valley)

Contact: Lillian Pipersburg
Email: shellybest@hotmail.com

Siskiyou County Foster Parent Association Chapter 34 (Region 1) Region 1 (Northern)

Contact: Nadine Fleek
Email: memories_95503@yahoo.com

Solano County Resource Family Association Chapter 45 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)

Contact: Tyffany Wanberg
Email: Tiffanywanberg@gmail.com
Website: www.SolanoCountyRFA.org

Solano County Foster Parents Association Chapter 30 (Region 2) Region 2 (North Coastal)
Stanislaus County Foster Parent Association Chapter 22 (Region 3) Region 3 (Central)

Contact: Kim Leulua
Email: fos4car@aol.com

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